The purpose of this notice is to make you aware of Proposed Florida House Bill #173 (Sponsor: Kimberly Daniels – Duval) currently on the State Senate floor and up for a vote, to become effective 7/1/2024, if passed.

This bill states that not-for-profit HOAs (this is YOU) would be mandated to donate or use 15% of the association’s total annual assessments (dues) “to benefit the community in the county in which the community served by the association is located.”
This expense will have to be passed on to ALL homeowners as an increase in your Association Fees. 

This is an urgent matter, in that the proposed bill was recently read on the house floor (1/9/2024) and is up for vote! If you do not support this Bill, we urge you as homeowners to flood your State Representatives with your concern!
Below you will find links to contact your State Representatives. PLEASE CONTACT AS MANY AS YOU CAN, but most especially, those representing your County.
Thanks in advance for your immediate attention to this matter!